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Cartrack’s vehicle GPS tracking solutions give you more than just regular GPS tracking. We are not just a GPS Car tracker or GPS Asset tracking company, we are a comprehensive fleet management company that uses vehicle tracking hardware solutions to gain insights on your fleet.

Effortlessly keep tabs on the whereabouts of your vehicles and drivers through GPS tracking solutions on our centralised web and app-based system. Utilising Cartrack NZ – Access valuable insights instantly, generate tracking reports, monitor driver behaviour performance, ensure vehicle compliance, and enjoy other advanced GPS and telematics features such as Auto-RUC, DashCams, Sensors and more . Our comprehensive GPS Vehicle tracking solution is designed to simplify fleet management and empower you to make data-driven decisions.


Our proprietary AI, Analytics and Data Contextualisation ensure your business drives huge value from these untapped actionable insights.

Known benefits of Telematics

Most businesses understand the introductory benefits of telematics. Questions such as “where is my driver and where did they go today”.

Unknown benefits of Operations Management Technology

To unlock the full potential of a business, every asset, individual and team needs to be connected and all moving parts must move together. Questions like “where are my cost leakages”, “how can I automate my admin and empower my drivers”, “how good a service do I provide my customers” and ”how can I improve driver safety to cut my costs” all lead to a fully efficient operation.

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Always included Features

Always stay plugged into your fleet with our Cloud-Based platform, which gives you access to all of your data no matter where you are. 

Event-Based live tracking. Encourage safe driving, reduce travel, increased productivity

All fleet admin in one place, Synced with NZTA for RUC, WOF , REGO and service reminders. Help track running costs

Unlimited virtual boundaries around specific geolocations such as job sites or customer locations. Enhance Security and improved efficiencies

Automated email reporting. 40+  Reports ranging from simple driver logs and distances travelled to in-depth fuel efficiency and risk management summaries.

Reduce fuel cost, Auto fuel report importing, prevent fuel theft and ensure compliance with company fuel policies

Reminders are fully customisable and easy to set up. Users can opt-in to receive automated e-mail reminders, keeping you informed of any compliance expirations. 

Real-Time visibility of vehicles, Real-Time vehicle status such as speed etc. Improve safety, reduce fuel usage and optimise routes

Fully customisable dashboards, view insights at a glance

Cartrack’s advanced vehicle cost accounting software to ensure that managing your fleet’s costs is completely     hassle-free and transparent

Providing businesses with instant notifications about important events such as speeding to geofence activity. Resulting in improved safety, reduced liabilities

Organise vehicles and drivers by groups. Eg group your sales team separately to your logistics trucks for more specific and relevant reports

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Hour Meter

Effectively monitor and measure the operating hours of your plant and equipment, thereby enabling you to determine utilisation, service intervals and billable hours.

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Route Replay

Analyse historic trip data to determine driver productivity and efficiencies

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Free Installations

As part of our standard service, we offer nationwide free hardware installation for vehicle tracking within 48 hours of sign up

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Fully optimised for iOS, Android and online solutions for desktop, which makes it easy and seamless to switch from one device to another.

Free API

Integrate Cartrack solutions with any in-house ERP system. Standard web-services (both SOAP and REST included) feed real-time data into your internal systems

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Lifetime Warranty

We design, develop and manufacture all of our tracking and telematics units in-house, giving you a lifetime hardware warranty 

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Free Updates

Offering you the best software at any given point, at no additional cost. When we improve and update our systems, you receive the benefits of continuous improvements.

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Global Fleet

A seamless and very affordable cross border fleet management monitoring system, without the hassle of having to pay for excessive roaming costs.

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User Hierarchies

Assign unlimited users to specific hierarchical clearances depending on viewing and managing specific vehicle groups or features, maintaining your internal privacy and security.

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Predict when vehicles will need a service maintenance, through use of mileage, harsh engine usage and driver behaviour reports, allowing you to better plan for the lifespan of your assets.

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Distinguish between business and private journeys for FBT reporting

Additional Features

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Driver ID Tags

Get access to the ability to track your drivers, no matter which car they are assigned to in a day.

Prevent unwanted driving, with a start inhibit that safely and effectively disables vehicle or machinery start-up on demand

Reduce losses of perishable goods, save costs and improve efficiency on your refrigeration vehicles

Auto RUC Display

Cartrack’s Auto RUC Display ensures that your fleet has up-to-date RUC information, avoiding any fines and ensuring compliance with regulations

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Fuel Sensors

Handle your fleet’s fuel consumption performance automatically and receive:
Accurate fuel data, Improved fuel efficiency, Reduced fleet fuel theft, Fuel consumption reports, Increase fleet longevity

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Panic Buttons

The panic button is a feature that your drivers can press in an emergency to send an instant alert to our 24/7 control room

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CANBus connection

Integration into the vehicle’s Can Bus is done wirelessly and allows a variety of vehicle performance data to be downloaded in real-time for monitoring and analytics.

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Keyless Entry

Easily manage access to your fleet vehicles with the convenience of your smartphone.

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Electronic Logbook

Optimize driver compliance with Work Time Rules through the user-friendly eLogbook app on your smartphone. – Available Soon

Cameras offer a new layer of data and increased real-time support to the driver

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