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At Cartrack, we offer a state-of-the-art Software as a Service (SaaS) system for fleet management that provides flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security. With our cloud-based software, you can manage your fleet anytime, anywhere, leveraging real-time data and insights to optimize operations and reduce costs. Our subscription-based model ensures that you get the most up-to-date technology without the long-term contracts or commitments typically associated with traditional software

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As leaders of GPS Tracking technology solutions for the future, Cartrack’s Fleet Management presents far more benefits than simple GPS tracking for vehicles and assets.

Our innovative GPS Tracking offerings include fully-fledged GPS trackers and smart fleet solutions for every industry, driver behaviour insights, advanced GPS tracker fitment techniques, lifetime GPS hardware warranty, industry-leading cost management reports and complementary additional services that ensure fleet productivity and greater profitability.

Key Features of Cartrack Fleet Management Software

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Utilise precise GPS tracking to monitor your fleet on a real-time basis. This feature ensures that all vehicle locations are constantly updated, providing fleet managers with instant data to make informed decisions.

Automated Reporting & Alerts

Stay on top of your fleet’s operations with automated reports that detail critical aspects such as fuel usage, maintenance schedules, and driver behaviors. Set up alerts for unusual activities, maintenance reminders, and compliance warnings to keep your operations smooth and within legal boundaries.

Fuel Management Optimisation

With Cartrack’s Fleet Management Software, monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption. Reduce costs significantly by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in fuel usage with the help of detailed analytics provided by the software, as well as identifying any potential fuel fraud. 

Maintenance Alerts

Receive automated notifications about upcoming maintenance needs and scheduled checks. This proactive tool helps prevent costly repairs and downtime by keeping your vehicles in optimal working condition, thus extending their lifespan and enhancing safety on the road.

Cartrack’s fleet management solutions go beyond typical GPS tracking. We’re not just a GPS car tracker or GPS asset tracking company; we offer comprehensive vehicle GPS tracking solutions to enhance your fleet management experience.

Effortlessly monitor the locations of your vehicles and drivers using GPS tracking solutions within our centralised web and app-based system. With Cartrack NZ, gain instant access to valuable insights, generate tracking reports, track driver behavior, ensure vehicle compliance, and take advantage of advanced GPS and telematics features like Auto-RUC, DashCams, Sensors, and more. Our all-encompassing GPS vehicle tracking solution simplifies fleet management and empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

FleetWeb is our SaaS cloud-based Web and Mobile App solution, providing businesses with the flexibility to manage their fleet operations from anywhere, anytime. Resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and cost savings for your business.

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Benefits of Using Cartrack Fleet Management Software - Fleetweb

In today’s competitive business landscape, leveraging a robust fleet management system like Cartrack’s FleetWeb is essential for businesses aiming to maximize operational efficiency and profitability. FleetWeb’s GPS tracking and management tools provide unparalleled real-time insights into fleet operations, significantly enhancing dispatch efficiency, operational management, and overall productivity. This precision in managing fleet locations and schedules ensures optimal resource utilization and a stronger bottom line.

FleetWeb also excels in cost management by offering detailed analytics on vehicle usage, route optimization, and fuel consumption. These insights help businesses identify and eliminate wasteful spending, thereby bolstering profit margins. By reducing unauthorized vehicle use and optimizing routes, FleetWeb effectively lowers fuel expenses and cuts down on overtime claims, further contributing to a more eco-friendly operation through reduced carbon emissions.

Furthermore, FleetWeb’s GPS accuracy facilitates precise billing for services rendered, based on onsite duration, distance, and service type. This accuracy, combined with operational cost savings, positions businesses for improved profitability, enabling them to scale, innovate, and enhance their service offerings.

Customer satisfaction is significantly enhanced through the adoption of FleetWeb, thanks to its real-time tracking capabilities that offer accurate delivery ETAs. This improvement in service reliability boosts customer loyalty and positions a business as a dependable provider in a competitive market.

Operationally, FleetWeb provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of fleet activities, such as stops, trips, and fuel usage, enabling the efficient management and optimization of fleet operations for safety, compliance, and efficiency. Features like automated alerts and maintenance scheduling ensure vehicles remain in top condition, reducing downtime and extending vehicle lifespans. Additionally, drivers benefit from advanced safety features and intuitive mobile apps, promoting safe and efficient driving practices.

To explore how FleetWeb by Cartrack can transform your fleet management, consider reaching out to Cartrack New Zealand for the latest and most detailed information.

Cost Efficiency

Maximise cost savings with optimized route planning and predictive maintenance insights. Our software helps reduce unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption, directly impacting your bottom line positively.

Enhanced Security

Improve your fleet’s security protocols with geo-fencing features and real-time alerts that notify you instantly of any unauthorised vehicle use or deviations from planned routes. These features are essential in preventing theft and misuse of company assets.

Regulatory Compliance

Easily adhere to transport regulations with automated logs and reports that are compliant with local and international standards. Cartrack’s software ensures that your fleet operates within legal limits effortlessly, saving you from potential fines and legal issues.


Cartrack nz Fleet Offers:

  • GPS live vehicle tracking and asset tracking
  • Unlimited user accounts and simultaneous logins,
  • Map layers – Google maps view with Traffic,
  • Street, and Satellite view available
  • Instant remote updates on new GPS tracking features24-hour live tracking and reporting
  • Accurate live vehicle and asset tracking
  • Instant access to custom tracking dashboards
  • All fleet management tasks in one place

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Getting Started with Cartrack Fleet Management Software

Easy Application Process

Starting with Cartrack Fleet Management Software is as simple as filling out a basic form. Our streamlined application process ensures that you can quickly get your account set up and hardware installed in your vehicles. We do not hold you to any contracts as our service is subscription based.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you at every step from application to full-scale implementation. We ensure that you maximise the benefits offered by our fleet management solution with continuous support and guidance.

Take the Next Step in Fleet Management

Empower your business with Cartrack Fleet Management Software and take control of your operational costs, efficiency, and compliance. With our advanced features and dedicated support, managing your fleet has never been easier or more effective. Request a Free Demo Today! and see for yourself how Cartrack can transform your fleet operations. Take advantage of our tailored solutions and watch your business move forward.

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