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Cartrack provides free weekly training webinars to all our customers. This is to equip Fleet Managers and Administrators with the knowledge to effectively implement our solutions. Customers will be trained on the basic features, updates and enhancements to our Fleet Management Solutions, Reporting and Customisations. These sessions are great for new customers and existing customers who need some refreshers..

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Basic Fleet Platform Tutorials

These tutorials were created for Cartrack users to ensure you can easily navigate the system.

Fleet Platform Overview

This video is an introductory tutorial for Cartrack Fleet, our fleet management system. It provides an overview of the interface and demonstrates how to navigate through its menus.

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Live Tracking & Viewing Trips

The focus of this video is on how to use the live tracking and trip history features of the system.

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This tutorial focuses on generating reports using the Car Track Fleet Management System. Reports play a crucial role in organizing and analyzing the raw data produced by a fleet, providing valuable insights into vehicle usage and driver behavior.

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This tutorial focuses on the process of creating and managing geofences along with the ability creating of geofence-related reports.

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In this tutorial video on the Cartrack fleet management system,we demonstrates how to set up alerts for real-time SMS and email notifications regarding vehicle usage

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Mobile App

In this tutorial video, we demonstrate the features of the mobile application available on Android and iOS.

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Cartrack Camera

This tutorial video from Cartrack New Zealand introduces the Live Vision camera feature. This feature allows users to install up to eight cameras on their vehicles, which also function as tracking devices

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The video provides a basic overview of the MiFleet dashboard and its key sections, including fuel, tolls, fines, tires, maintenance, excellence, and miscellaneous expenses.

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Delivery - Desktop

The tutorial demonstrates how to access the Delivery feature, add jobs manually or through batch import, assign jobs to drivers, and optimize routes for efficient deliveries

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Delivery - Mobile

This tutorial provides an overview of the delivery app designed for drivers using the Delivery feature

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