GPS Tracking Alerts

What is GPS Tracking Alerts

Vehicle tracking alerts are notifications generated by Cartrack’s vehicle tracking system when specific events occur related to the location or operation of a vehicle. These alerts can be delivered in real-time to a fleet manager or other designated recipient via email or text message

Some common types of  Cartrack’s vehicle tracking alerts include include but are not limited to:

  • Ignition
  • Speeding
  • Power
  • Idling
  • Interaction with geofences
  • Breaking, Turning
  • Non movement
  • Excessive drive time

Overall, vehicle tracking alerts provide valuable information to fleet managers and other stakeholders, helping them monitor vehicle activity, optimize operations, and improve safety and efficiency.

Cartrack's Alerts

With Cartrack’s real-time, event-based tracking, you can set up location, geofence, speeding and driving behaviour notifications.

Users are able to view events live, as well as examine historical events that were generated by the GPS tracker. This is because sometimes you need to know about events occurring straight away.

To ensure alerts are delivered to the right person in a timely manner, ie immediately, Cartrack offers automated alerts that are delivered via e-mail or SMS.

Businesses can customise Alerts to be in line with their business objectives, the system is flexible and the Alerts can be configured to your specific needs, and delivered by either email or SMS. Alerts can be scheduled to send at particular times and days.

Alerts can be set with a high level of flexibility by choosing the following:

Only sending alerts during certain time of day.
Only send alerts when vehicle is in specified locations.
Sending alerts to a number of people who need to know.

Cartrack's Alerts Examples

Speeding Notifications
A vehicle travelling at 107kms per hour uses 20-25% more fuel than a vehicle travelling at 100kms per hours.
Use Alerts to highlight any event where a vehicle travels over the road speed limit. Customise it further to specify speeding events over a certain kms per hour, to target the occurrences in which you are notified about.
Harsh Driving Notifications
A vehicle which is subjected to harsh breaking, acceleration or cornering can require more frequent servicing and maintenance, costing the company more per vehicle in the long run.
Unscheduled Usage Alert
Maintain worksite safety and ensure heavy machinery isn’t used out of hours.
Failure to Arrive on Time Alerts
Keep your customers and clients happy by immediately alerting them to any delays in service.
Particularly useful for Drivers on the road for long periods of time. Set an Alert after a certain number of hours for the Driver to stop and take a break

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