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The local division of a Nasdaq-listed vehicle tracking company is called Cartrack NZ. Customers in New Zealand interact with a highly motivated New Zealand-based team that is committed to providing the best service possible. Starting with the sales team, their outstanding nationwide technicians, ongoing support staff, and training staff will ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Cartrack NZ gives its customers the final say over their membership arrangements. There are no contracts, and customers can choose the duration of their subscriptions. You will receive hardware warranty and 24/7 assistance for the whole duration of your subscription. To make sure customers are making the most of their vehicle tracking and fleet management services

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Cartrack NZ is dedicated to consistently improving its hardware and software by including fresh features and tools that help its clients. 
The company can offer extremely affordable  prices without sacrificing quality thanks to its size and global purchasing power, which enables it to amortise product development work over more units. 
Customers can thus benefit from the latest technology at a competitive price, giving them the  best of both worlds.

It is crucial to note that lower prices do not necessarily equate to lower quality. Based on the knowledge gained from installing more than 3 million devices over the course of 20 years, Cartrack has been able to increase efficiency.

Since its establishment in 2016, the New Zealand branch has installed over 25000 devices, at the time and place specified by our clients, Cartrack crew completes 99% of new installations.

Installations are normally scheduled within 48 hours and there is no backlog with us with less than 1% of instances where there are problems after installations, which we attend to and resolve issues immediately.

Vehicle tracking has numerous advantages, as evidenced by the majority of Cartrack customers who claim that tracking their fleets has had a positive impact on their company’s productivity. In fact, a lot of clients have said they wouldn’t even think about operating their companies without it. Why choose anything less than the finest, therefore, if you’re considering acquiring vehicle tracking or you currently have it through a different provider? If you need vehicle tracking, choose Cartrack NZ and see the difference for yourself.

Fleet Management Tracking Platform

Complete Fleet Management Solution with Cartrack

Cartrack’s Fleet Management System offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their fleet operations, drive efficiency, and improve their bottom line. With Cartrack’s advanced GPS tracking and management tools, businesses gain real-time visibility over their fleet, which significantly boosts dispatch efficiency and operational management. This ensures precise vehicle location and timing, leading to optimized resource use and increased productivity.

Cost management is another area where Cartrack stands out. Its detailed analytics on vehicle usage, route optimization, and fuel consumption help identify and reduce excess spending, ultimately contributing to a healthier profit margin. By minimizing unauthorized use and optimizing routes, Cartrack not only cuts fuel costs and overtime claims but also promotes a greener operation by lowering carbon emissions.

Additionally, the accuracy of Cartrack’s GPS tracking supports precise billing, improving revenue streams through accurate charges for onsite time and distance travelled. This, combined with operational cost savings, bolsters financial strength, enabling businesses to scale and enhance service offerings.

Customer service benefits greatly from Cartrack’s real-time tracking, providing accurate ETAs and improving reliability and satisfaction. This level of service not only builds customer loyalty but also establishes a business’s reputation as dependable and efficient.

Operational efficiency is further enhanced with a comprehensive overview of vehicle activities provided by Cartrack, allowing fleet managers to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency. Automated alerts and maintenance schedules keep vehicles in top condition, reducing downtime and prolonging vehicle life. Moreover, Cartrack offers drivers advanced safety features and easy-to-use mobile apps, promoting safe and efficient driving habits.

For businesses aiming to revolutionize their fleet management, Cartrack New Zealand offers the latest and most detailed information on how their platform can transform fleet operations.

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