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General FAQ Cartrack

GPS – (Global Positioning System) A navigation system that uses satellites to provide geographic positioning. Therefore the system can be used for providing position, navigation or for tracking the position of something fitted with a receiver (GPS tracking).
GSM – (Global System for Mobile Communication) Refers to the protocols for digital cellular networks used by mobile devices.
Geofence – A virtual, geographic boundary. Usually defined by a set of GPS co-ordinates that enables software to trigger a response when a device enters/leaves a boundary.
Telematics – The use of telecommunications to monitor information relating to a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.
DID – Driver Identification. Specifically Cartrack’s tag-based system which allows you to see who is driving a vehicle at any time.
Event-Based Tracking – As opposed to time-based tracking, which reports a vehicle’s position and status at a set interval, Event-Based tracking reports a vehicle’s position and status every time the state of the vehicle changes. This can include ignition events, when turning, accelerating, braking, speeding, and even idling.
CAN bus – a special communication network inside most modern vehicles to allow a vehicles internal components to communicate with each other. Additionally, Cartrack devices can connect to this network to give you detailed information on the status of your vehicle(s).

Can I track my vehicle?
Cartrack’s devices can be installed in almost any kind of vehicle. Equally Cartrack devices can also be installed on heavy machinery, commercial vehicles, trailers and other recreational vehicles. As long as the device has a power source and is within reasonable network coverage, we can track it.

How accurate is the GPS positioning?
The GPS location accuracy is very high and can be traced down to a radius of about 3 meters. However, environmental factors such as tall buildings, tunnels and mountains, which can obstruct a device’s line-of-sight with satellites, can adversely affect the accuracy of the device.

What if there is no mobile network coverage in the area? Can my vehicle still be tracked?
When a vehicle enters an area with no mobile network coverage, the device will begin to store (up to 15,000) events and GPS positions in it’s internal memory. These stored events will be streamed again as soon as mobile network communication is re-established.


Do I have to take my vehicle to a fitment center?
No. Cartrack technicians are mobile, and will meet you at a place and time convenient to you for installation.

How long does an installation take?
Standard installations generally take about 30-60 to install and activate. 

Can I install a device myself?
A standard installation is not too complicated and installation instructions can be provided. Some automotive electrical experience is required.


Is there a subscription cost?
Yes. All Cartrack plans feature a subscription cost. Generally this cost covers everything from network data charges, device maintenance, software updates, hardware upgrades, server and data-storage costs, customer support and the lifetime hardware warranty. Call us today for a competitive quote.

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