Advanced Reporting

Automated & Fully Customisable

Cartrack Sample Reports:

Cartrack’s system has all the reports available that you can think of, they are fully customisable and configurable and can be saved as templates to aid in efficiency for frequently used reports. 

Automated reports can be configured to suit your preferences and scheduled to be sent via email at selected intervals.

Our comprehensive reports include:

  • Detailed Vehicle Logs
  • Trip Overviews
  • Driver Scorecards
  • Violation Alerts
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Geofencing Overviews
  • and MANY more

Customise Reports

The wealth of data that is generated by Cartrack units are broadly categorised as events (Positions) or trips.

Trips are groups of events grouped between ignition on and off.

Most reports relate to certain event (position) groups or trips.

Cartrack has designed many pre-configured reports to interact with data.

We understand that every organisation have their own ways to report and are happy to support every client by providing an easy report customisation functionality so that you don’t need to call upon the IT team to tweak the report to your liking.

Cartrack platform provides a tool that allows our clients to customise reports with a few easy steps.

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