Electronic RUC Display

Managing RUCs just got cheaper, easier and faster

Cartrack is setting new standards in RUC (Road User Charges) management with our innovative Digital RUC Displays and Auto-RUC Solution. These offerings simplify how fleet managers and vehicle owners handle RUC licensing by automating the purchase and updating of RUC licenses remotely, ensuring compliance is seamless and continuous.

Auto Ruc Display
Cartrack Auto-RUC Savings Calculator

Cartrack Auto-RUC Savings Calculator

Remote RUC License Loading

With Cartrack’s Digital RUC Displays, users can remotely load their newly purchased RUC licenses to their vehicles, no matter their location. This feature ensures that your fleet remains compliant with NZTA regulations, without the need for manual interventions or physical presence.


Integration with Fleet Management Systems

Our RUC displays are fully integrated with Cartrack’s fleet management systems, allowing for real-time monitoring and automatic updates. This integration helps in maintaining accurate records of distances traveled and RUC dues, which is essential for efficient fleet management and compliance.

Advantages of Using Cartrack’s Auto-RUC Solutions

Compliance with Ease

Stay compliant with NZTA regulations effortlessly. Our systems automatically update your RUC licenses as needed, ensuring you never fall behind on your obligations and avoid potential fines.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Reduce administrative burdens associated with RUC management. Our digital and automated solutions free up your time and resources, allowing you to focus more on core business activities rather than paperwork and manual updates.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Leverage accurate, GPS-driven data for RUC reporting. Cartrack’s technology ensures that every kilometer is recorded precisely, helping you maintain flawless RUC records and supporting fair charges based on actual vehicle use.

Cartrack's Competitive pricing

We offer our customers flexibility and that is why we have 2 options for assisting customers with their  RUC needs.

  • Auto RUC is a fully automated process.
  • Web RUC allows for some self-service on the customer’s end.

For only a small amount additional to your monthly tracking subscription, we can say with confidence that no other provider can offer you Auto RUC at these prices

Cartrack RUC Screen

RUC Forms:

Cartrack RUC Setup Form

Road user charges application for refund for off-road travel RUCOR

Road user charges application to change hubodometer

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With our Auto RUC Display, businesses can monitor their RUC balance and manage RUC expenses more efficiently and accurately, streamlining the entire RUC administration system and saving time and resources.

The Auto RUC Display is fully integrated with our FLEET platform, enabling fleet managers to manage their entire fleet from one platform, making it easier to access all the information they need in one place.

Key Benefits

  • NZTA accepted Auto RUC Display solution.
  • Display Real-time RUC statuses.
  • Always up-to-date RUCs, keeping your fleet compliant.
  • Automatic RUC Reminders.
  • Elimination of manual distribution and tracking.
  • Purposely built for Cartrack’s FLEET Vehicle Tracking platform.
  • Cost-Savings by only buying RUC increments needed.
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming RUC administrative tasks.
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