Smart Cabin - AI Powered

Cartrack NZ’s flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use 2-way Camera vehicle video system allows for simultaneous driver-facing and street-facing recording. It ensures that you are always kept in real-time visual contact with your fleet. 

Smart Cabin

Coach your drivers effectively

Use recorded footage of your drivers to show and train them on how they can improve their driving behaviour and increase their safety on the road.

Safely alert drivers in real-time

Keep your drivers safe with preventative in-cabin voice alerts that let them know about potential safety violations so they can correct them immediately. 

Distracted Driver

Driver Facing Camera

The Smart Cabin constantly monitors the tilt position of the driver’s head in a three-dimensional (3D) perspective. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the Smart Cabin camera is able to detect when the driver is not focused, then automatically triggers a warning and video recording. Warnings and video recording are not triggered if the driver looks left or right to make sure the vehicle is clear before changing lanes. Triggering occurs if the position of the head is drowsy or looking away from the road occurs repeatedly for a certain duration while the vehicle is running.

Street Facing Camera

A video with a view toward the road will give you a broader picture of situations where distracted driving behaviour occurs. For example, does the steering become unstable, the distance to the vehicle in front is too close, or what the driver does when there is heavy traffic. This comprehensive overview helps you evaluate drivers and provide training as needed.

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Always have the right footage at your fingertips

Our event-based footage instantly gives you the exact footage you need, when you need it. No more wasted hours spent sieving through hours of footage hoping to find what you’re looking for.

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On-Board Recording

The camera unit has a built-in SD card with 256 GB of storage space available. Footage can be accessed and downloaded from the Fleet Platform

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