Live Vision

Cartrack NZ’s flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use 8-camera DVR system. It ensures that customers are always kept in real-time visual contact with their fleet. Video event recording and transmission technology considerably aids the safety, efficiency and productivity of their fleet. Data gets stored on a DVR in the vehicle with up to 480 GB storage capacity and up to 8 camera connectivity.

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Up to four cameras are strategically placed according to your requirements and connected to the Live Vision control unit placed onboard the vehicle. Video recording then commences on a 24/7 basis, covering all-important angles of your vehicle. The video can be remotely accessed anywhere with a secure connection through the Cartrack Live Vision application, even for a live view of your vehicle’s activities.

Key insights into vehicle operations

Gain Critical Knowledge

With access to visual confirmation of events, you are in a much better position to understand the real movements of your fleet. You can easily detect any fraudulent behaviour and monitor any inefficient work practices. These range from inefficient loading and off-loading practices, dangerous driving behaviour or even confirmation of the driver’s Identity Document for accurate overtime payments.

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Effortlessly improve driver behaviour

The video footage can also be paired with location and speed information with fleet management services. Subsequently, fleet owners receive more accurate information and a detailed version of any event, allowing you to more accurately assess the causes of bad driver behaviour. This approach enables a more productive teaching system to educate drivers on safer and more efficient driving, which will enable you to save money on fuel, maintenance and insurance.

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