MiFleet - cost accounting software

What is MiFleet?

Mi-Fleet is an easy-to-use administrative and vehicle cost accounting software that will efficiently manage your fleet, drivers and related operating costs and transform them to be more informative and effective.

Unlock the full potential of Mi-Fleet’s benefits and optimisation thanks to automated integration with our Fleet Management Solutions.

Smartly turning paperwork into data that works

Easy admin

Get reminders to renew any important contracts or update regulatory documents in advance to avoid extra penalties or downtime.

Preventative maintenance

Automate your maintenance plans based on usage and diagnostics to avoid unnecessary breakdowns or downtime.

Fuel fraud detection

Get automatically alerted of potential fraud when a vehicle’s location, fuel data and fuel card data do not match. Our system knows when your team visits a fuel station.

Automated cost analysis

Integrate with your ERP or bulk import costs to receive detailed insights that help you understand your full fleet’s business picture and bottom line. Eliminate manual entries and tedious admin.

Configure, tailor and input

You can fully tailor Mi-Fleet to your needs.

  • Set up different permission groups with defined hierarchies.
  • Easily get snapshots of important information by configuring dashboard graphics, or setting up automated reports and alerts.
  • Easily input vehicle information and costing to make sure everything you need is all in one place, on the cloud, gaining access to your fleet at any time anywhere.

Easy maintenance

Maintain your fleet with timely alerts about obligations and deadlines on servicing, maintenance and licensing, keeping your fleet as efficient as possible at all times. Never worry again about forgetting important events, as you can even set alerts to re-occur if pre-defined conditions are not met.

Analyse and adapt

Automated reporting, coupled with traveling distance information from our telematics devices, will put your mind at ease that everything you need to know about your fleet’s costs is at your fingertips. Our easily auto-generated reports include key information such as cost per kilometre driven, cost per vehicle, historic maintenance costs and more. This allows you to make well-informed and timely decisions about your biggest cost drivers, putting what matters to you first.

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