Streamline Your Fleet Management with FleetComply

Ensuring Compliance with NZTA Standards

Managing a fleet in New Zealand requires strict adherence to NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) regulations to ensure safety and compliance. Our FleetComply Services are designed to simplify this complexity through automated processes for Rego Renewals, RUC Purchasing, and WOF (Warrant of Fitness) reminders. Don’t let manual processes slow you down. Let our automated systems keep your fleet in check while you focus on what matters most – running your business efficiently and safely.

What is FleetComply?

Our FleetComply Services package is an addition to our standard GPS tracking and fleet management tools and delivers a robust solution designed to streamline the management of your vehicle and driver regulations through automated reminders and renewals. This comprehensive suite enhances the efficiency of operations by ensuring continuous compliance with necessary regulatory standards.

The services we offer include:

  • Vehicle Registration (Rego) reminders and auto-renewals
  • Road User Charges (RUC) management with auto-purchasing
  • Warrant of Fitness (WOF) reminders
  • Driver license checks with automated status notifications

Why Choose Our FleetComply Services?

Utilising our FleetComply Services guarantees that your operations are always in line with compliance requirements, minimising the risk of penalties. These services not only save time but also significantly reduce operational costs, streamline paperwork processes, and enhance the overall safety of your fleet.

Comprehensive Compliance Service for Fleet Management

Efficient Rego Renewal Process

Stay on top of vehicle registrations with our automated Rego Renewal service. FleetComply ensures that your vehicle registrations are up-to-date without you having to manually track expiry dates. This not only saves time but also helps in avoiding penalties from lapses in registration, keeping your operations smooth and compliant with NZTA regulations.

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Seamless RUC Purchasing (paper based)

Our system automatically calculates and purchases RUCs as soon as your vehicles reach the predetermined threshold. This proactive approach ensures that you’re always in line with NZTA requirements, without the risk of incurring fines for overdue payments.


Proactive WOF Reminders

Safety is paramount in fleet management. With FleetComply, you’ll receive automated Warrant of Fitness reminders well before your vehicles’ WOFs are due. This ensures that all vehicles in your fleet meet NZTA’s safety standards at all times, helping you manage a safer, more compliant fleet

Auto RUC

Advanced Driver Management Solutions

Real-Time Driver Status Updates

Our system provides real-time updates on your drivers’ licensing statuses, ensuring that all drivers are legally compliant and qualified for operations.

Automated Notifications for Driver’s Licence Changes

Receive instant notifications for any changes in your drivers’ licence statuses, such as renewals or suspensions. This prompt information allows for swift actions to maintain compliance and safety.

Driver Check NZTA

Benefits of FleetComply Service

Integrating FleetComply Service into your operations offers multiple advantages:

  • Reduced Paperwork: Automate processes to cut down on manual paperwork.
  • Ensured Compliance: Keep your fleet compliant with all regulations through timely renewals and reminders.
  • Minimised Downtime: Avoid any operational downtime due to expired licenses or registrations.

Get Started with Optimised Fleet Management Today!

Enhance your fleet operations with our comprehensive FleetComply Services. Contact us now to integrate this seamless, automated solution into your business and take the first step towards enhanced compliance, safety, and efficiency.

Adjustable Settings

Customise RUC distance and Rego's periods to meet the specific requirements of your fleet.

Distance-Based RUC Purchases

RUCs are automatically bought when your vehicle hits a predetermined distance.

Seamless Rego Renewals

Fleet Service proactively renews your vehicle Rego's for the designated period.

WOF Alerts

Receive automated reminders for your Warrant of Fitness due dates.

Driver License Verification

Provides up-to-date status of your drivers’ licenses.

Effortless Configuration

Set up once and enjoy hands-off maintenance; just add the license upon arrival.

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