Use your Cartrack data to built confidence in your future EV fleet!

Balancing emissions reductions with productivity just got easier for Cartrack Customers!
EV technology is growing quickly, in 2017 the driving range of an affordable EVs was less than 200km, in 2024 it’s over 400km and improving! It’s clear that EVs are the future, but at what point are they your fleet’s future and how do you get there without sacrificing productivity?
If you’re asking yourself these questions, Check out Cartrack’s partnership with Power Trip for the answers.
Business Plan

Power Trip gives fleet, procurement and sustainability managers easy access to the insights you need to electrify your fleet.

Using Cartrack’s data Power Trip will simulate what your fleet’s performance and energy needs would look like, were you to replace your vehicles with specific makes and models of electric vehicles.

These simulations show you how different vehicles would perform your daily tasks, where and how often they would need to be charged, what your potential fuel and emissions savings would look like, and even what changes you need to make to your fleet operations in order to maximise these savings!

GamePlan charging
Power Trip’s simulations use geospatial data (e.g. hills, road types, terrain) to model real-world driving range, so you can be sure that you’re chosen EV really will meet your driving needs.
Power Trip also integrates with leading EV charging networks like ChargeNet and BP to ensure you have up-to-date information on the state-of-play of the EV industry.
Reach out to one of our team today to find out more and start your EV journey today!
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